Bố Tướng Con Binh, Father And Son (2017)

Ngày cập nhật: 23/04/2021
Đạo diễn: Viên Vệ Đông
Diễn viên: Đại Bằng,Kiều Sam,Nhậm Đạt Hoa,Phạm Vĩ
Thời lượng: 111 phút
Trạng thái: Thuyết Minh 720p
Năm sản xuất: 2017
Quốc gia:
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Bố Tướng Con Binh VietSub, Father And Son (2017)

Weidong Yuan, who used to work as an assistant director for the film "Mountain Mind Duel" released in 2014, officially began his directing career in 2017 with the film "Father And Son". Belonging to the comedy genre with a theme that affects family relationships, the film features the participation of famous actors, including Nhậm Đạt Hoa and actress Vivian Wu. In the story of Father And Son, the saying "like father, like son" does not apply to the father-son duo of the Binh family. While the father is labeled as a "hero" and a retired military commander who is respected and successful in life, the son, named Xiao Binh, is a typical "failure". He always dreams of making a breakthrough in his career to change his life, idolizing figures like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. However, he fails to convince investors to support his ideas and continues to borrow money from those around him, resulting in a pile of debts. One day, his heavy-handed creditor, Ok (played by Nhậm Đạt Hoa),sends his henchmen to collect the debt, including Fang Jian (played by Qiao Shan). If Xiao Binh fails to repay the promised amount, the consequences will be extremely dire, ranging from humiliation to even death. Faced with a dead end, Xiao Binh decides to create a fake scenario where his father goes on a trip for a few days, and then spreads false news of his father's death, organizing a low-quality funeral and collecting contributions from family and friends. However, ironically, his father returns earlier than expected...