Found Wandering Lost, Found Wandering Lost (2022)

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Năm sản xuất: 2022
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Thể loại: Phim Phiêu lưu,
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Found Wandering Lost 2022 VietSub

Trent, desperate to escape the clutches of his ambitious partners Henry and Tim, who had dragged his girlfriend Allison into their web, found himself wandering aimlessly through desolate roads that cut across vast empty plains. As he ventured deeper into the unknown, Trent unexpectedly crossed paths with Ben, a wandering traveler who now called these roads his "home". Ben was accompanied by his wife Michelle as they roamed through the vast lands of Flint Hills.

Together, Trent and Ben formed an unlikely alliance, seeking solace and refuge from their troubled pasts. They shared stories of their journeys, finding comfort in the company of kindred spirits. In this vast expanse of land, they discovered a sense of freedom and belonging, far away from the treacherous world they had left behind.

As they continued their journey, Trent and Ben embraced the uncertainty of their new lives, finding solace in the simplicity of the open road. With each passing mile, they left behind the shadows of their past, determined to forge a new path towards redemption and self-discovery.