Girl at the Window, Girl at the Window (2022)

Ngày cập nhật: 17/03/2023
Đạo diễn: Mark Hartley
Diễn viên: Radha Mitchel,lElla Newton,Karis Oka
Thời lượng: 85 phút
Trạng thái: Thuyết Minh 1080p
Năm sản xuất: 2022
Quốc gia:
Thể loại: Phim Kinh dị,
( 8 điểm /  1  lượt)

Girl at the Window VietSub, Girl at the Window 2022

Girl at the Window (2022) is a gripping tale about a teenage girl living in the suburbs who becomes convinced that her mother's new boyfriend is a notorious serial killer terrorizing the town. Determined to prove her suspicions, she embarks on a dangerous journey to uncover the truth.

In this thrilling movie, the protagonist finds herself trapped in a web of paranoia and fear as she gathers evidence against her mother's partner. With each passing day, her conviction grows stronger, and she becomes more determined to expose the dark secrets hidden behind his charming facade.

As the tension escalates, the girl's relentless pursuit of the truth puts her own life at risk. She must navigate through a maze of lies and deceit, all while trying to protect her loved ones from the potential danger lurking in their midst.

Girl at the Window (VietSub - Thuyết Minh) is a captivating film that explores the themes of trust, betrayal, and the lengths one would go to protect their family. It keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, questioning the true nature of the characters and eagerly awaiting the shocking revelation that will unravel the mystery.