Haunted Tales, Haunted Tales (2022)

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Năm sản xuất: 2022
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Thể loại: Phim Kinh dị,
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Haunted Tales 2022 Vietsub

Haunted Tales (2022) is a collection of three short horror stories. The first story follows a young businessman named Pete, who finds himself on a never-ending loop on his way home from the airport. Throughout the journey, his painful past is revealed. In the second part, Tiwa utilizes her ability to communicate with the dead to help a haunted hotel owner release trapped souls. In doing so, she uncovers a horrifying murder that took place in one of the rooms, with its lingering effects still visible to this day. Lastly, horror writer Jess receives a mysterious email about ancient and peculiar curses engraved on palm leaves. Unaware that every word he writes will eventually become reality, he delves into writing about them.

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Haunted Tales (2022) is a compilation of three chilling short stories. The first story revolves around Pete, a young entrepreneur who finds himself trapped on an endless road while returning home from the airport. As the journey unfolds, Pete's haunting past is unveiled. In the second part, Tiwa, with her unique ability to communicate with the deceased, aids a haunted hotel owner in freeing trapped spirits. However, she inadvertently uncovers a gruesome murder that occurred within one of the hotel's rooms, its impact still visible in the present day. Lastly, renowned horror writer Jess receives an enigmatic email containing ancient and eerie curses etched on palm leaves. Unbeknownst to him, every word he writes about them will ultimately manifest into reality.

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