Lệ Cơ Truyện, The Kings Woman (2017)

Ngày cập nhật: 25/04/2021
Đạo diễn: Lưu Tân
Diễn viên: Địch Lệ Nhiệt Ba,Lưu Sướng,Lý Thái,Trương Bân Bân,Trương Tuyền
Thời lượng: 45 phút/tập
Trạng thái: Tập 48 Thuyêt Minh
Năm sản xuất: 2017
Quốc gia:
( 8.15 điểm /  20  lượt)

Lệ Cơ Truyện VietSub, The Kings Woman (2017)

Lệ Cơ Truyện, also known as The King's Woman (2017),is the most notable television project in China for 2017, thanks to the presence of the highly acclaimed actress, Dilraba Dilmurat. The series is set to compete with other highly anticipated projects such as Legend of Yunxi and The Story of Yanxi Palace. After shining brightly in her role as Feng Jiu, Dilraba has become a sensation with her exceptional beauty and acting skills. With the meticulous investment from the producers, this drama is expected to make a significant impact on the Chinese entertainment industry in 2017.

Directed by renowned filmmaker Liu Tan, The King's Woman is an adaptation of the novel "Prequel to the Legend of Ming Dynasty" by On The Road. Apart from Dilraba, the series also features a star-studded cast including Zhang Binbin, Li Tai, Liu Shuang, and Zhang Tuyen. Among them, Zhang Binbin, a handsome actor, has garnered much attention as he pairs up with Dilraba, forming a talented and attractive couple.

The story revolves around the ups and downs in the life of a powerful woman named Le Co. Despite her humble background, Le Co possesses exceptional beauty, which catches the attention of Emperor Doanh Chinh when she saves him from danger. However, before that, Le Co had made a vow to be with Kinh Kha, who had been through all the hardships and joys of life with her. She is determined not to enter the palace with the emperor. But in the end, to save Kinh Kha, Le Co is forced to enter the palace, regardless of Doanh Chinh's desires.