Niên Thú, Year Beast (2020)

Ngày cập nhật: 21/03/2021
Đạo diễn: Lý Nam
Diễn viên: Đỗ Tinh Kỳ,Khương Bành,Lữ Nghiên,Trần Sảng,Vu Vi Ny
Thời lượng: 111 phút
Trạng thái: Vietsub 720p
Năm sản xuất: 2020
Quốc gia:
( 8 điểm /  1  lượt)

Niên Thú VietSub, Year Beast (2020)

Year Beast/ Nian, after being streamed online on Iqiyi on January 31, 2020, received widespread usage from the audience, but it failed to create diverse highlights due to its shallow and unengaging plot. Overall, this webmovie is a failure, with the only bright spots being a few humorous and witty segments. However, considering the limited budget of the project, it cannot be expected to have high demands in terms of content and visual effects. Additionally, the film features relatively unfamiliar actors and young talents such as Do Tinh Ky, Vu Vi Ny, Lu Nghien, Khuong Banh, Tran Sang, etc. Year Beast, directed by the little-known Ly Nam, revolves around the journey of a young boy named La Xuyen in search of his family's traditional lion head. In his hometown, lion dance is a customary practice during the Lunar New Year, but recently, it has not received much attention. Therefore, La Xuyen always strives to preserve and enhance the art of lion dance. However, due to his lively and impulsive approach, he fails to gain the trust of the village leader. One day, the Year Beast unexpectedly takes away the ancestral lion head, and La Xuyen is forced to try to buy it back.