Thiếu Nữ Toàn Phong, The Whirlwind Girl 2015

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Diễn viên: Dương Dương,Trần Tường,Hồ Băng Khanh,Bạch Kính Đình,Đàm Tùng Vận,Ngô Lỗi,
Trạng thái: Tập 32 Thuyết Minh
Năm sản xuất: 2015
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Thể loại: Phim Võ thuật,
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Thiếu Nữ Toàn Phong VietSub, The Whirlwind Girl 2015

Toàn Thắng Martial Arts School, where Taekwondo originated, has become a popular Chinese martial art worldwide, spreading to Japan and South Korea. In this place, it is more important for a child to join a martial arts school for training than to have a meal. Ten years ago, Toàn Thắng's disciple, Khúc Hướng Nam, won the international Taekwondo competition, which was a glorious victory but also a humiliation for the people of Ngạn Dương. Khúc Hướng Nam was stripped of his title because he used performance-enhancing drugs. Another international competition is about to begin, and among the young athletes, Phương Đình Hạo from Hiền Vũ Martial Arts School (played by Trần Tường) and the long-hidden martial artist Dụ Sơ Nguyên (played by Bạch Kính Đình) are the biggest hopes to reclaim the championship and restore the pride of the people of Ngạn Dương.

Only one person believes in Khúc Hướng Nam's innocence, a 16-year-old girl named Thích Bách Thảo. Six years ago, after losing her parents in a fire, Bách Thảo was taken in by Khúc Hướng Nam as his disciple. She always believed that someone like Khúc Hướng Nam, a teacher who taught her moral values, would never do such things. That's why she never left Hướng Nam, even if it meant not being allowed to train and compete in the martial arts school. Trịnh, the owner of Toàn Thắng Martial Arts School, did something deceitful before the competition, which Bách Thảo accidentally discovered. Bách Thảo was expelled from Toàn Thắng Martial Arts School but was luckily accepted by Tùng Bách Martial Arts School. At that time, Kim Mẫn Châu, a member of Xương Hải Martial Arts School from South Korea, defeated several members of Tùng Bách Martial Arts School, reviving the past humiliation of the people of Ngạn Dương. This made Bách Thảo angry, and she defeated Kim Mẫn Châu, becoming famous. Khúc Hướng Nam knelt down and begged Dụ, the owner of Tùng Bách Martial Arts School, to accept Bách Thảo and encouraged her to persist in pursuing her dreams. From then on, Thích Bách Thảo embarked on a difficult journey, striving to conquer the peak of Nguyên vũ martial arts.