Ứng Cứu Tiên Phong, Peak Rescue (2019)

Ngày cập nhật: 26/03/2021
Đạo diễn: Jin-ho
Diễn viên: Liu Qin Shan,Wangzi Chen,Yang Hai,Yaqi Zhang
Thời lượng: 111 phút
Trạng thái: Vietsub 720p
Năm sản xuất: 2019
Quốc gia:
Thể loại: Phim Hành động,
( 8 điểm /  1  lượt)

Ứng Cứu Tiên Phong Vietsub, Peak Rescue (2019)

Peak Rescue (2019),also known as "Ứng Cứu Tiên Phong" in Vietnamese, is a webmovie that has captured the attention and admiration of audiences in China. It portrays the military prowess of the Chinese army, expressing national pride and honor. Although it is difficult to determine the actual strength of the Chinese military, the film presents it as incredibly powerful and formidable. Despite not being a high-profile project, Peak Rescue has garnered special attention.

Directed by Jin-ho, the film falls under the action crime genre and features a young cast including Yaqi Zhang, Yang Hai, Wangzi Chen, Liu Qin Shan. Through their performances in this film, these promising stars will have the opportunity to gain recognition and receive quality offers from renowned directors.

The story revolves around the character Han Hao, a cool and talented young man who manages a highly trained security team. During an important mission to protect a client, he becomes entangled in a battle with a foreign weapons marketing gang. Just when everything seems to be over, he discovers that his former lover, a deep and unforgettable love for him, is involved. Now, he must find a way to resolve the situation and determine who will emerge as the victor.